Words come naturally to me.

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Managing Director, Global Leadership Movement

ACN: 645 170 467

A Global Crisis

"Focus on yourself first to discover what you care about.



Only then will you create the power within you to change



our world"- Rozene

About Rozene

Apart from being passionate about writing, I enjoy meditating and going to the gym. I love dancing in my kitchen to Bollywood music while cooking gourmet meals. I am not a big fan of the online world and prefer to spend quality time with people face to face. However, lately, because of the pandemic, I have had to adapt and adjust like others to our new world.

The reason I wrote my book is to create global change. I am passionate about inspiring and motivating others to look within themselves and create the change they want to see in the world.


I believe that anyone can transform themselves by caring and investing in themselves first, and then taking responsibility for our world. My purpose is to help create a socially constructed world where change through civil rights action is the norm.


I have a deep desire to encourage the people of this world to stop leading robotic lives and to start functioning in this world as authentic human beings, with authentic lives. I want everyone to challenge the status quo, and question everything around us including our higher purpose and why we are all here as individuals.


My aim in life is to empower others to design a community that is based on love and compassion. A community that thrives on supporting each other where we are all interconnected, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or economic status. 

I am a strong advocate for education and believe that all children should be educated and live a life where they are free to follow their dreams, not the dreams of others. I strongly feel the key to our future development is educating our girls and I hope that one day every single female in this world will be able to receive the equality they deserve. 

My love to all of you that are reading this. I know that if you continue with your persistence, all your dreams will come true!

Rozene Shabana Narayan

© 2020 by Rozene Narayan